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WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugin

We believe that you shouldn’t have to hire a developer to create a WordPress contact form. That’s why we built WPForms, a drag & drop WordPress form builder that’s EASY and POWERFUL.

WPForms allows you to create beautiful contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes, not hours!

At WPForms, user experience is our #1 priority. Our pre-built form templates and workflows make WPForms the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin on the market.

The WPForms Challenge guides you through creating your first form in under 5 minutes. We walk you through using the form builder all the way to adding a form to a page on your site! WPForms includes integrations for popular page builders like the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), Classic Editor, Elementor, and Divi making the whole process seamless.

WPForms is a 100% mobile responsive contact form solution, so your contact forms will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

WPForms’ contact forms are also highly optimized for web and server performance because we understand the importance of speed when it comes to SEO, marketing, and conversions. We can honestly say that WPForms is one of the fastest WordPress contact form builder plugins in the world.

WPForms Pro
This plugin is the lite version of the WPForms Pro plugin that comes with all the contact form features you will ever need including email subscription forms, multi-page contact forms, file uploads, conditional logic, extra payment integrations, form templates, and tons more. Click here to purchase the best premium WordPress contact form plugin now!

We took the pain out of creating contact forms and made it easy. Here’s why smart business owners, designers, and developers love WPForms, and you will too!

Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

We were tired of the bloated and buggy contact form builder plugins. That’s why we built WPForms to adapt to your workflow and allow you to create custom contact forms in minutes. By using our easy to use drag and drop online form builder, you can easily add custom form fields, rearrange them, and basically create a complete contact form in 5 minutes or less.

But don’t just take our word. See what one of the WordPress experts are saying:

WPForms is by far the easiest form plugin to use. My clients love WPForms and it’s one of the few plugins they can use without any training. As a developer I appreciate how fast, modern, clean and extensible it is.
Bill Erickson – Expert WordPress Consultant

Pre-built Form Templates

Building contact forms in WordPress can be time-consuming. Why?

Because every other WordPress contact form builder plugin requires you to build your contact form from scratch. The truth is it’s often not necessary to create a contact form completely from scratch unless you really want to.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple contact form, marketing form, request a quote form, donation form, payment order form, registration form, or a subscription form, we have a form template for you inside our contact form builder.

WPForms comes with pre-built form templates to help you save time. You can add, remove, or re-arrange fields as necessary.

See 1100+ Pre-Made WPForms Form Template Demos

Mobile Ready, SEO Friendly and Optimized for Speed

WPForms’ contact forms are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly by default. We also optimized every query on the frontend and the backend to ensure maximum speed – Yes, WPForms is one of the fastest WordPress contact form plugins.

You can embed your contact form on any page with optimized title and description. With the speed and proper formatting, WPForms is also one of the most SEO friendly contact form plugins.

All the Fields & Features that You Need to Succeed

From star ratings to file uploads to multi-page contact forms with progress bars, we have all the fields you need.

You can easily integrate your contact forms with an email marketing service or collect payments for bookings and orders. WPForms allows you to do it all.

The best part is, you can do it all without hiring a developer.

See what one business owner has to say about WPForms’ contact form:

As a business owner, time is my most valuable asset. WPForms allow me to create smart contact forms with just a few clicks. With their pre-built form templates and the drag & drop builder, I can create a new form that works in less than 2 minutes without writing a single line of code. Well worth the investment.
David Henzel – Co-founder of MaxCDN

Surveys & Polls

Along with contact form, you can also use WPForms to create surveys and polls.

Our WordPress Survey plugin addon comes with smart survey fields including likert scale, star ratings, multiple choice, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and more, so you can create custom survey forms like Survey Monkey (without the high costs).

WPForms offers the best-in class survey reporting. You can use our interactive reports to customize the graphs, export them for your presentations, and even display the aggregate results to your users.

The best part about WPForms survey reports is that it can retroactively work on any old contact form or feedback survey contact form created with WPForms.

Thousands of businesses love WPForms surveys for creating employee feedback forms, customer feedback forms, online petition forms, and more.

You can also use the Surveys & Polls addon to easily create a poll on your site. To save you time when creating a user poll, we have added a built-in poll forms template. Our poll feature offers real-time reports, so you can share poll results with the user immediately after they submit their vote.

Just like the contact form, you can embed your surveys and polls inside any post, page, or widget area in WordPress.

Membership and Default WordPress Forms

Aside from building simple contact forms that every WordPress site needs, WPForms also helps you create better default WordPress forms.

For example, you can use WPForms to create custom WordPress login forms and custom WordPress user registration forms which are great for membership sites.

For membership sites, you can also use WPForms to create a password-protected contact form or even a members only contact form that is restricted to logged-in users only.

Even if you’re not using a WordPress membership plugin, you can use WPForms to create membership registration forms, online RSVP forms, and other address book contact forms.

Bloggers and publishers can use our WordPress post submission forms to accept guest posts, testimonials, and partnership agreement forms to grow their businesses.

Payment Form, Donation Form, Booking Form, and More

While WPForms started out as a contact form plugin, it has evolved into a powerful custom forms solution that you can use to create a payment form, donation form, registration form, online booking form, mobile form, and basically any type of custom form you need.

WPForms integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net so you can easily create a credit card payment form to accept payments. If you’re using SSL, then you can use our Stripe, Square, or Authorize.Net Payment forms to accept credit card payments directly on your website. Alternatively, you can use our PayPal Commerce addon to take payments via PayPal or credit card on your forms.

Aside from simple order forms, business owners also use WPForms to create custom product purchase forms, t-shirt order forms, online booking forms, and more.

We understand that sometimes you may need to create a contact form that requires a signature. WPForms comes with a signature field to collect user signatures on your WordPress forms or even create custom signature forms.

You can do all of this while still using the same easy-to-use contact form builder that’s loved by over 6 million users.

I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend.
Micky73 – WordPress user

Custom Calculations and Calculator Forms

Using the WPForms Calculations addon, you can build custom formulas and display results to your users on the frontend. Perfect for real-time custom quotes or estimates, variable shipping calculator forms, bulk discount order forms, and so much more.

With the formula builder, you can set up simple arithmetic calculations as well as complex conditional calculations with if/then statements. It even supports functions to return rounded values, averages, and time ranges, just to name a few.

The Calculations addon makes WPForms the best calculator plugin for WordPress and puts all these powerful features at your fingertips. Create more complex order forms for your eCommerce site, gather user information for lead generation, and provide valuable information to your users to improve their experience on your website.

Forms that are Optimized for Conversion and Results

With our Form Pages addon, you can create distraction-free custom form landing pages like Google Forms and Wufoo right inside WordPress, so you can increase conversions without the high costs (See Form Pages Demo).

To improve form completion rate, we created Conversational Forms® which helps you make your generic feedback form and other custom contact forms feel more human by adding an interactive form layout. Our conversational forms are similar to Typeform without the high subscription costs (See Conversational Forms Demo).

WPForms also has other conversion optimization features such as our smart form logic that lets you create dynamic contact forms where fields change based on the user’s answer, multi-page contact forms with progress bars, and other advanced contact forms.

WPForms form analytics integration with MonsterInsights allows you to easily track your lead capture forms, newsletter signup forms, request a quote contact form, and other important forms on your site.

Easy to Customize and Extend

You can easily customize your contact forms with our section dividers, HTML blocks, and custom CSS.

If you’re using Elementor or Divi page builders our native integrations let you quickly customize the style of your forms. Embedding forms in Elementor and Divi has never been easier.

We also knew that our developer friends may want to extend simple contact forms further. That’s why WPForms come with tons of hooks and filters to create custom functionality.

Since contact forms are essential for marketing, WPForms is a must have plugin for every website!

Full WPForms Feature List

  • Online Form Builder – Our powerful drag & drop contact form builder allows you to easily create WordPress contact forms and other online forms in just a few minutes without writing any code.
  • 100% Responsive – Mobile Friendly contact forms.
  • GDPR Friendly – Make your contact form GDPR compatible with just a few clicks.
  • Form Templates – Use our pre-built form templates to save time. Never start from scratch again (see all form templates demos).
  • Form Styling – Easily control the appearance of form fields, labels, and buttons without writing code.
  • Spam Protection – WPForms provides smart anti-spam protection out-of-the-box, plus direct integrations with hCaptcha, Google reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare Turnstile.
  • Instant Form Notification – Quickly respond to incoming inquiries with our instant contact form notification system.
  • Smart Form Confirmation – Show a custom success message, or redirect users to a custom thank you page.
  • Smart Phone Field – Automatically adapts to your visitor’s location so you always get phone numbers in the correct country format.
  • Payment & Donation Forms – Track the growth of your business with simple payment tracking and revenue charts.
  • Coupon Forms – Offer one-time discounts, free shipping, and percentage discounts with custom payment coupons.
  • Calculator Forms – Create custom formulas in the form builder and run real-time calculations on the frontend.
  • File Uploads – Collect files and media through your contact forms with File Uploads.
  • Multi-Page Forms – Split long forms into multiple pages with a progress bar to improve user experience.
  • Smart Conditional Logic – Show or hide fields and contact form sections based on user behavior.
  • Signature Forms – Create signature forms or add the signature field to your contact form, application form, booking form, etc.
  • User Registration Forms – Create custom user registration form and custom login form in WordPress.
  • Post Submissions – Collect user-submitted content in WordPress with our frontend post submission form. Great for guest posts, testimonials, business directory, listings, etc.
  • Geolocation – Display location information about your users.
  • Custom Captchas – Create custom captchas for your contact form.
  • Surveys and Polls – Easily create survey forms and analyze the data with interactive reports.
  • Form Abandonment – Unlock more leads and grow your business with partial-form submission.
  • Form Locker – Manage form permissions and add access control rules including password-protected forms, members only forms, limit contact form entry per person, close form after specific date / time, etc.
  • Offline Forms – Let your visitors save their entered data offline and submit when their internet connection is restored.
  • Form Landing Pages – Create “distraction-free” form landing pages to boost conversions. Great Google Forms and Wufoo alternative.
  • Conversational Forms – Interactive form layout that makes your form feels more human and boost overall completion rate. Great for surveys and registration forms. Perfect Typeform alternative for WordPress without the high costs.
  • Lead Forms – Embed conversational forms in any post or page to boost conversion rates. Easily convert existing forms to Lead Forms and control the styling of your form so that it matches your theme.
  • Webhooks – Send form entry data to secondary tools and external services. No code required, and no need for a third party connector.
  • User Journey Reporting – Discover the steps your visitors take before they submit your forms. Right in the WordPress dashboard, you can easily see the content that’s driving the most valuable form conversions.
  • Save and Resume Forms – Allows your visitors to save their progress while filling in your forms. When they’re ready to continue, they can restore their entry with a click.


  • PayPal Standard – Create PayPal forms to easily collect payments, donations, and online orders.
  • PayPal Commerce – Easily collect payments via PayPal or credit card using our PayPal Commerce addon.
  • Stripe Forms – Easily collect credit card payments, donations, and online orders with our Stripe integration.
  • Square Forms – Accept payments faster, from anywhere with Square’s secure payment processing with the Square addon.
  • Authorize.Net Forms – Connect your WordPress site with Authorize.Net to collect payments, donations, and online orders.
  • Mailchimp Forms – Create Mailchimp newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • AWeber Forms – Create AWeber newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • Campaign Monitor Forms – Create Campaign Monitor newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • GetResponse Forms – Create GetResponse newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • Constant Contact Forms – Create Constant Contact newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • Drip Forms – Create Drip newsletter signup forms in WordPress and connect with your contact form to grow your email list.
  • ActiveCampaign Forms – Add contacts to your ActiveCampaign account, record events, add notes to contacts, and more.
  • HubSpot Forms – Create HubSpot forms to send leads from WordPress directly to your HubSpot CRM.
  • Brevo Forms – Create Brevo forms to automate your marketing and engage your subscribers.
  • MailerLite Forms – Create MailerLite forms to easily add subscribers to your email marketing lists.
  • ConvertKit Forms – Create ConvertKit forms to collect subscribers and grow your mailing list.
  • Salesforce Forms – Easily send your WordPress form contacts and leads to your Salesforce CRM account.
  • Google Sheets Addon – Connect your WordPress forms to your Google account and easily send form entries to Google Sheets.
  • Zapier Addon – Connect your WordPress forms with over 6,000+ apps. Route your contact form data to your favorite CRM, email marketing service, etc.

After reading this feature list, you can probably imagine why WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin on the market.

Give WPForms a try.

Want to unlock more features? Upgrade to our Pro version.


This plugin is created by Jared Atchison and Syed Balkhi.

Branding Guideline

WPForms® is a registered trademark of WPForms LLC. When writing about the contact form plugin by WPForms, please make sure to uppercase the initial 3 letters.

  • WPForms (correct)
  • WP Forms (incorrect)
  • wpforms (incorrect)
  • wpform (incorrect)

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WPForms is absolutely, positively the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin on the market. It is both easy and powerful.

We took the pain out of creating online forms and made it easy. Check out all WPForms features.

Also, I’m the founder of WPBeginner, the largest WordPress resource site for beginners. It was a huge priority for me to make a WordPress contact form plugin that beginners can use without any training.

I feel that we have done that here. I hope you enjoy using WPForms.

Thank you

Syed Balkhi


  • WPForms Drag & Drop Online Form Builder
  • Adding New Field
  • Form Templates
  • Payments Overview
  • Single Payment Page
  • Form Preview
  • Form Pages with multiple styles
  • Conversational Forms


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Contact Form by WPForms - Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress


  1. Install WPForms Lite either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate WPForms Lite.
  3. Navigate to the WPForms tab at the bottom of your admin menu and click the “Add New” button to begin creating your new WordPress contact form.
  4. Want more features? Purchase the full version of WPForms!


Who should use WPForms?

WPForms is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to create a custom WordPress form, then you need to use the WPForms drag & drop form builder.

Do I need to have coding skills to use WPForms?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge (100% drag & drop form builder). WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form plugin on the market.

What type of WordPress forms can I build with WPForms?

WPForms drag & drop form builder combined with our addons is the most powerful WordPress contact form plugin on the market. Here are some types of WordPress forms you can create:

  • Simple Contact Forms
  • Job Application Contact Form
  • Feedback Survey Contact Form
  • Make a Suggestion Contact Form
  • Change Request Forms
  • Online Booking Forms
  • Event Booking Form
  • Video Release Forms
  • PTO Request Contact Form
  • Maintenance Request Contact Form
  • Scholarship Application Forms
  • File Download Forms
  • Employment Verification Forms
  • Make a Referral Contact Form
  • Volunteer Registration Contact Form
  • Offline Contact Form

To see a full list, visit our Form Template Gallery which has over 1100+ pre-made contact form templates.

Which Form Fields Does WPForms offer?

We made WPForms form builder to be both easy and powerful.

Here are the contact form fields that comes with WPForms Form Builder (also known as Standard Fields):

  • Text Field
  • Paragraph Text (Textarea)
  • Dropdown Field
  • Multiple Choice (Radio Buttons)
  • Checkboxes
  • Numbers Field
  • Name Field
  • Email Address Field
  • Number Slider Field

Here is a list of our advanced contact form builder fields (Fancy Fields):

  • Smart Phone Field with international format verification
  • Address Field
  • Date / Time Field
  • Website / URL Field
  • File Upload – Great for File Upload Form
  • Password Field
  • Rich Text – Add a WYSIWYG field, perfect for guest blog post forms
  • Layout Field – Position form fields inside columns using custom or premade layouts
  • Page Break Field – Great for Multi-Page Contact Form with Progress Bar
  • Section Divider – Great for Long Contact Forms
  • HTML Field – add Custom HTML inside your form
  • Content Field – Add headings, lists, and media to your forms without writing code
  • Entry Preview – Allow your form users to preview their form entries before they’ve submitted them
  • Star Rating – Great for Survey Forms and Polls
  • Hidden Field
  • Questions CAPTCHA – Great for Preventing Contact Form Spam
  • Math CAPTCHA – Great for Preventing Contact Form Spam
  • Likert Scale – Great for Survey Forms
  • Signature Field – Great for Contracts and Booking Forms
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS Field) – Great for Survey Forms
  • Google ReCAPTCHA – Great for Preventing Contact Form Spam
  • hCAPTCHA – Great for Preventing Contact Form Spam
  • Cloudflare Turnstile – Great for Preventing Contact Form Spam

Here is a list of our Payment Fields that will help you create a order form, donation form, booking form, and other payment forms:

  • Single Item
  • Multiple Items
  • Checkbox Items
  • Dropdown Items
  • Total (Calculation Field)
  • Credit Card (Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net)
  • PayPal

Can I integrate WPForms with my CRM or Email Marketing Service?

Yes, WPForms offers seamless integration with over 1,000+ popular email marketing and CRM software.

You can easily send data from your contact form and other WordPress forms to your favorite CRM, email newsletter, and other marketing platforms.

Here is a list of our popular marketing integrations:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • Drip
  • Campaign Monitor
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Brevo (ex Sendinblue)
  • MailerLite

Using our Zapier integration, you can easily connect WPForms with over 5,000+ marketing apps including:

  • PipeDrive CRM
  • Google Sheets
  • Active Campaign
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Agile CRM
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Infusionsoft by Keap
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Dropbox
  • HelpScout
  • Zendesk
  • Freshbooks
  • Freshsales
  • Intercom
  • Click Funnels
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Capsule CRM
  • Insightly CRM
  • Printfection
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Quickbooks Online

See all WPForms Zapier Integrations.

Note: WPForms was voted Zapier’s 6th fastest growing app in the world.

Can I create a Payment Form with WPForms?

Yes, WPForms is not your average contact form plugin. You can use it to create any type of form including payment forms.

We make it easy for you to accept payments using Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net, and PayPal Commerce.

Both our Stripe and Authorize.Net integrations help you easily accept credit card payments online.

Our PayPal integration allows you to accept PayPal payments online.

Can I Import / Export Forms with WPForms?

Yes, WPForms makes it easy to import / export your contact forms and other WordPress forms created with WPForms form builder. This is incredibly useful for developers and agencies who are building websites for clients.

You can also create custom form templates that you can use on client websites. For more see our documentation.

Aside from that, WPForms also allows you to import forms from other WordPress Contact Form plugins such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and Pirate Forms.

If you’re not happy with your WordPress contact form plugin, then definitely give WPForms a try!

I’d like access to all features. How can I get them?

You can get access to more features, addons and support by upgrading to our Pro version. Purchasing a Pro license gets you access to the full version of WPForms, automatic updates, priority support, and all WPForms Addons!

Is WPForms translation ready?

Yes, WPForms has full translation and localization support via the wpforms textdomain. Based on your site language, required .mo and .po translation files will be downloaded and placed into the default WordPress languages directory. The same is true for every WPForms Addon as well.

Does WPForms include spam protection?

Yes, WPForms includes spam protection which is enabled on all forms by default in the form settings.

Additionally, Google reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha and Cloudflare Turnstile are also supported and can be set up at WPForms > Settings > CAPTCHA.

WPForms is fully compatible with all versions of Google reCAPTCHA:

  • Checkbox reCAPTCHA v2
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA v2
  • reCAPTCHA v3

Lastly, Custom Captchas are available which allow you to create math or question based captchas for your contact forms.


February 22, 2024
Apparently the developer is super confident that he will get good reviews. I am only writing this because of the persistent and heavy-handed insistence that I write the review 'cuz "he deserves it". Well, maybe he does. Every step of the form creation process I was told how fabulous and easy it was-- until it wasn't, until I needed to sign up for Pro to make it "one click easy" or I could struggle through some complicated manual. It felt super bait switchy to me. So here is your review, developer guy. The form creation seemed ok and I probably would have given it a 3 star rating, but you lost points on the kind of sleazy feel of the up sell. And I would have kept my opinion to myself if you hadn't continued to solicit for a review, so there is that. If I can't find a decent alternative, I will probably eventually use this. But I am for sure going to explore my options first.
February 21, 2024
Research for my small business website led me to wpforms. I've only needed support a couple of times (and they were fast, friendly, and above and beyond helpful!) because normally if I can't figure something out, I can easily find a solution on their support pages. Without a doubt, wpforms was the right choice for me - very happy!
Read all 13,702 reviews

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  • Fixed: Term notice was removed under the Stripe Credit Card field when Payment Elements were used.
  • Fixed: An additional spinner appeared when the Setup panel button was clicked again.
  • Fixed: Overflow of img, video, canvas and svg tags has been set to clip by default, as recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights.

  • Fixed: The Name field was not clickable with Classic Markup and Base Styles.

  • Added: New column selector and column reordering on the Forms Overview and Form Entries page.
  • Added: New right-click context menu in the Form Builder.
  • Added: Forms can now be imported programmatically.
  • Added: New minimum price option for the Payment Single Item field that can help protect your forms against card testing by fraudsters.
  • Added: Caching to the templates list markup on the Templates page and in the Form Builder for improved performance.
  • Added: Customer name can now be configured on the Form Builder > Payments > Stripe screen.
  • Added: Dark Mode support for email notifications. Users are now able to customize styling for each appearance theme.
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with the Apple Pay feature for Stripe payments.
  • Changed: Updated the design of the Addons page in the admin dashboard.
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with latest versions of Divi theme.
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with OceanWP theme.
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with the Hello Elementor theme.
  • Changed: Improved styles of various Lite Connect settings.
  • Changed: Improved behavior of various Email settings on the WPForms Settings page.
  • Changed: Improved form templates search.
  • Changed: Significantly improved performance of the Form Builder when opening existing forms.
  • Changed: Restrict media files to only valid image types for the Header Image field on the Email page, and Image Choices options in the Builder.
  • Changed: Improved handling of empty choice labels of the Dropdown, Checkboxes, and Multiple Choice fields.
  • Changed: Improved various messages across the admin area.
  • Changed: Styles customizations of email notifications on the WPForms Settings page can now be previewed without saving them.
  • Changed: Stripe library updated to the latest version.
  • Changed: The Authorize.Net logo was updated.
  • Fixed: Pressing Apply with no selected action on the Payments Overview page triggered WordPress’ die screen.
  • Fixed: Elementor widget preview is not properly updated after editing the form in the builder popup.
  • Fixed: Plugin prefix added to all action links on the plugins page to prevent collisions with third-party CSS code.
  • Fixed: Stripe Credit Card field styles are not applied in WordPress Site Customizer.
  • Fixed: Stripe Elements field had too much spacing around the Submit button with Modern styles applied.
  • Fixed: Trashed forms not removed during the plugin deletion process.
  • Fixed: An empty value from the Dropdown field is saved if the choice with empty label is selected.
  • Fixed: Some styles were incorrect for the Form Selector widget in Block Editor, Elementor and Divi.
  • Fixed: Confirmation Page dropdown is not completely visible in some cases on smaller screens.
  • Fixed: Header Image Size dropdown appeared on the Email Settings page even though there is no image set for the Email Header.
  • Fixed: Scroll to the error message when the form is submitted with an error not working in some cases.
  • Fixed: Some 3rd-party plugins could be included in the translation files check.
  • Fixed: Email notification not rendered correctly if multiple smart tags are used.
  • Fixed: PHP deprecation warning logged when the Weekly Summary email is triggered via cron on PHP 8.2.
  • Fixed: Dropdown preview in the Form Builder not updated correctly.
  • Fixed: Fields and a submit button not aligned properly on single line form layout.
  • Fixed: Checkbox and multiple dropdown values displayed in one line with new email templates.
  • Fixed: Do not display the “Install and Activate” button on the Geolocation and Coupons pages for Lite users if plugin installation is not allowed.
  • Fixed: Read-only Number fields should not display spin buttons.
  • Fixed: Incorrect error text displayed when uploading a file of an illegal format in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: Incorrect error messages displayed for the required Payment Total and Stripe Credit Card fields.
  • Fixed: Prevent form pagination if the form is invalid.
  • Fixed: Field validation error icon positioned incorrectly when a form inherited content centering from the theme.
  • Fixed: Email addresses containing special characters are incorrectly validated against allow/deny list.
  • Fixed: Fields with subfields displayed incorrectly on the frontend in latest Safari and other browsers using WebKit.
  • Fixed: Email notifications using Plain Text format has some special characters that are converted into their HTML entities.
  • Fixed: JavaScript deprecation notices in the browser’s console when the Bar graph style is used on the Payments Overview page.
  • Fixed: Stripe subscriptions paid by Link were unable to be renewed.
  • Fixed: PHP warning was thrown for legacy subscription Stripe payment form.
  • Fixed: PHP warning was thrown while connecting the Jetpack plugin account.

  • Changed: The Chart.js library has been updated to v2.9.4.
  • Fixed: Email Summary header image did not honor max width setting.

  • Fixed: Better compatibility with default Block themes.
  • Fixed: Form Embed Wizard was loaded on the YOOtheme Builder page.

  • Added: New email templates are ready to use!
  • Added: Email template can now be customized and previewed on the Settings.
  • Added: Allow an email template to be specified on a per-form/notification basis.
  • Added: Prefix all 3rd-party libraries to avoid compatibility issues with other plugins using different versions of the same libraries.
  • Added: Added new filter making it possible to customize styles for the Stripe Credit Card field when Payment Elements are used.
  • Added: WPCode integration.
  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 3.0.6.
  • Changed: Improved significantly the performance of frontend email validation.
  • Fixed: Addressed a few compatibility issues and deprecation errors with PHP 8.1 and newer versions.
  • Fixed: Search didn’t work on the Form Templates screen if a template name contained the dash symbol.
  • Fixed: Stripe Credit Card field duplicate button was visible in the Form Builder in some cases.
  • Fixed: Stripe webhook requests triggered a PHP error and returned the wrong response in some cases.
  • Fixed: Image choices had some styling glitches in the builder preview.
  • Fixed: Akismet protection didn’t work when Email Confirmation was enabled for the Email field.
  • Fixed: Translated strings weren’t shown in the WPForms block in some cases.
  • Fixed: In rare cases Turnstile Captcha was not displayed correctly when it expired and was refreshed.
  • Fixed: Custom styles were overwritten for the Stripe Credit Card field when the Modern Markup setting was used.

  • Fixed: A fatal error was thrown when using the WP-CLI command with the –context=admin parameter.
  • Fixed: Stripe assets were loaded on every page when the Elementor plugin was activated.
  • Fixed: Resized images in Image Choices were displayed in their original sizes inside Notifications.


  • IMPORTANT: Support for PHP 5.6 has been discontinued. If you are running PHP 5.6, you MUST upgrade PHP before installing WPForms 1.8.4. Failure to do that will disable WPForms core functionality.
  • IMPORTANT: Support for WordPress 5.4 and below has been discontinued. If you are running any of those outdated versions, you MUST upgrade WordPress before installing WPForms 1.8.4. Failure to do that will disable WPForms core functionality.
  • Added: Statuses of Stripe payments can now be synchronized through webhooks!
  • Added: Users can now perform payment refunds, subscription cancelations, and more for Stripe payments.
  • Added: Payments can be filtered by type, gateway, and status on the Payments Overview page.
  • Added: New stats added to the Payments Overview chart: Total Refunded, New Subscriptions, and Subscription Renewals.
  • Added: When searching for forms on the Form Overview page, you can use a form ID now.
  • Added: There is a new “Latest entry” date column on the Forms Overview page which is sortable.
  • Changed: WPForms Challenge text is improved to be more clear.
  • Changed: The intl-tel-input library has been updated to v18.2.1.
  • Changed: Form templates are now ordered by creation date in ascending order.
  • Changed: Styles for the Stripe Payment Links are improved.
  • Changed: Notice text colors in the Form Builder are updated.
  • Changed: Number slider behavior is improved.
  • Changed: On the Forms Overview page, the Created column is renamed to Date. Now it displays the date and time when the form was updated.
  • Changed: Admin pages were updated to use a new unified Design Language.
  • Fixed: WPForms block did not get a list of forms dynamically.
  • Fixed: Very long tag names in the Manage Tags modal on the Forms Overview page were not wrapped.
  • Fixed: Disabled inputs looked different in the Form Builder > Notifications panel for the “From EMAIL” and “From NAME” options.
  • Fixed: A splash screen was displayed when all payments were moved to Trash, preventing the ability to restore trashed payments.
  • Fixed: Dynamic choices of custom taxonomies (tags) for the Checkboxes field were displayed incorrectly under some conditions.
  • Fixed: Stripe Credit Card field error was not visible for multipage forms in some cases.
  • Fixed: WPForms Challenge welcome pop-up was displayed above the splash screen on tablets.
  • Fixed: The form submission “Send” button was not working correctly on click when Invisible Captcha had an invalid key.
  • Fixed: HTML-ENTITIES encoding threw a deprecation warning on PHP 8.2.
  • Fixed: An irrational scrolling occurred when quickly adding multiple fields in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: Fields with subfields were rendered differently in the Form Builder Preview pane and on the front end.
  • Fixed: Stripe fields were misplaced in the Block Editor form preview with Lead Forms.
  • Fixed: Multiple Modern Dropdown field value was not centered in the Modern Markup.
  • Fixed: Failed payments were counted in the Total Sales chart.
  • Fixed: Users were able to view trashed payments.
  • Fixed: Splash screen was displayed when all payments were moved to Trash.
  • Fixed: An incorrect currency of already processed payments was displayed when the global currency setting was changed.
  • Fixed: There was an empty form name in the Single Payment details metabox if a payment form was deleted or no longer editable.

  • Fixed: There were situations when Stripe Credit Card field wasn’t working properly in Elementor.


  • Added: New {site_name} smart tag.
  • Added: Fields in the Form Builder can now be searched by name or related keywords.
  • Changed: Adjusted error message for Stripe subscription payment failure.
  • Changed: Elementor integration updated and improved.
  • Changed: Improved cache busting of entry counts on the Dashboard widget.
  • Changed: Anti-spam processing significantly improved.
  • Changed: Various notifications for users without required permissions have been improved.
  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 3.0.5.
  • Changed: Sidebar in the Form Builder now can be collapsed or expanded with a Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut.
  • Changed: Updated Icon Choices Font Awesome library to 6.4.0.
  • Changed: Improved empty states for blocks/widgets on Gutenberg and Elementor editor.
  • Fixed: Submit button font family was not inherited from theme styles.
  • Fixed: No spacing between the field label and the field on Settings pages.
  • Fixed: Handling of string to array conversion type error in rare cases when the option in the database contained malformed value.
  • Fixed: Improved the preview for the Dropdown choices with HTML tags in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: Stripe Payment fields previously ignoring “Include Form Styling” setting.
  • Fixed: Improved responsive styles for multiple choice controls on the Settings pages.
  • Fixed: Removed redundant space between Stripe credit card sub-fields when sub-labels are hidden.
  • Fixed: Handling console error on post/page edit screen when not connected to Stripe.
  • Fixed: Handling a PHP Notice that was generated when the legacy API is used for Stripe payments.
  • Fixed: Revised link to Comprehensive Guide in the Elementor WPForms widget.
  • Fixed: Akismet anti-spam check could be skipped in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Stripe Payment field displaying a warning sign with an empty error message when card validation failed.
  • Fixed: Hierarchical Dynamic Choices list that resulted in a PHP timeout error when the list was more than 3 levels deep.
  • Fixed: CAPTCHA badge preventing the Divi Visual Builder preview from loading.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent email validation between front-end and server.
  • Fixed: Form Location title or slug occasionally not updating after updating a post.
  • Fixed: Buttons in the confirmation modal that were not aligned correctly if they didn’t fit in one line.

  • Changed: Admin notice content and design is improved.
  • Changed: We optimized the Help screen performance within the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: The query string rewrite module from the 7G Firewall plugin was conflicting with the WPForms block in the Block Editor.
  • Fixed: Payment fields were not inheriting a newly updated currency from the WPForms Settings > Payments page.
  • Fixed: When duplicating a field in the Form Builder, the options panel for the newly duplicated field was not consistently active.
  • Fixed: WPForms admin area was using a site language instead of the currently logged-in user language if languages were different.
  • Fixed: When an email field contained long words without spaces, words were not properly wrapped.
  • Fixed: Form settings were not reflecting new template settings when switching those templates.
  • Fixed: WPForms Challenge pointers were overlapping text labels in some languages.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the page with a form on the front end was not scrolled to the error field.
  • Fixed: The Dropdown border width was wrong when the input was smaller than the dropdown.
  • Fixed: It was possible to resize the Paragraph field larger than the containers.
  • Fixed: Empty option was replaced with the default one for a duplicated dropdown.
  • Fixed: There was a fatal error on the Analytics page if the MonsterInsights Lite plugin was active.
  • Fixed: Form Location title and slug were incorrect after updating a post with that form embedded.
  • Fixed: The “From Email” option validation message was invisible when the WP Mail SMTP plugin was active.
  • Fixed: PHP warning ‘Illegal string offset’ appeared on some sites.
  • Fixed: Placeholder text in the Dynamic choices of the Dropdown field was not displayed when the field was duplicated.
  • Fixed: The “Let’s Go!” button inside the Form Embed screen was disabled after the page title change.
  • Fixed: Bulk option labels were not inline in some languages.
  • Fixed: Some field titles were broken in Safari in the Twenty Twenty-One theme.

  • Added: Developers can now use a new hook that is fired when the form is duplicated.
  • Fixed: A PHP deprecation notice was generated when enabling or disabling auto-updates of any plugin.
  • Fixed: Form challenge items were not aligned correctly in various languages.
  • Fixed: Legacy Layout Classes didn’t work when using the Modern Form Styles.
  • Fixed: Custom Math Captcha was still large when the Lead Forms addon was disabled.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes and Multiple Choice fields with icons were cut on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Words in the Form Export dropdown on the Tools > Export admin page were split by letters.
  • Fixed: Links were stripped in choices labels.
  • Fixed: Block Editor kept showing the unsaved changes dialog even though there weren’t any changes.
  • Fixed: wpforms_sanitize_amount() function did not work properly with exponent numbers.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the Popup Maker plugin was improved – Stripe Credit Card field didn’t load when a payment form was inserted into a popup.
  • Fixed: There was no empty state when no forms created for the WPForms widget in the Elementor screen.

  • Added: Payment fields are now available for everyone.
  • Added: Users can connect their Stripe accounts and receive payments via their payment forms.
  • Added: There are new thumbnails displayed in all places where you see the list of available form templates (Form Builder and Form Templates page).
  • Added: Plugin cache files are handled in a more performant way.
  • Changed: An outdated version of the Moment.js library was removed from the plugin, and we switched to using the one bundled in WordPress.
  • Changed: Preview labels for choices with HTML tags were improved.
  • Fixed: There were situations when the {user_ip} smart tag was returning a server IP address instead of the actual user’s IP address.
  • Fixed: An unnecessary database query was run on all admin dashboard pages.
  • Fixed: The Modern Multiple Dropdown couldn’t be closed by clicking on the arrow.
  • Fixed: The “Save” button wasn’t fully clickable on the WPForms > Settings admin page.
  • Fixed: Some UI elements didn’t look correctly on the Form Builder page for non-English languages.
  • Fixed: Some fields were non-responsive on mobile when using the Legacy Layout Classes.
  • Fixed: Cron event wpforms_email_summaries_cron was not removed upon plugin deactivation.
  • Fixed: It was possible to add disabled fields to the form again in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: The form was not displayed on the front end when the WPForms block was added to block templates.
  • Fixed: On the Payments page for Stripe payments “N/A” was displayed as a payment title instead of the mapped email.
  • Fixed: There were situations when PHP notices were generated on the Stripe Single Payment page.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the “AIOSEO – Local Business” plugin was improved.

  • Changed: The Uncanny Automator logo is updated.
  • Fixed: Debug information (controlled by a constant) is now properly escaped before being displayed on a page.
  • Fixed: Turnstile Captcha verification message overlapped the captcha when the captcha type was changed from Invisible to Managed.
  • Fixed: Fatal error with AMP plugin.

  • Fixed: Checkboxes were shifting when the limit choices rule was triggered.
  • Fixed: “Ask for a review” admin notice links improperly opened new tab.
  • Fixed: There was a fatal error when settings were incorrectly reset by a 3rd-party plugin.

  • Added: Modern Form Styles – easily control the appearance of form fields, labels, and buttons without writing code, right inside the Block Editor.
  • Added: The new filter wpforms_frontend_assets_header_force_load allows forcing load assets in the header which is useful when the form is in the sidebar widget and similar locations.
  • Changed: Tooltips design is improved.
  • Fixed: The form preview page was incorrectly shown in some themes.
  • Fixed: CF turnstile form ID was translated creating problems with analysis in Cloudflare Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Notifications Settings styles were looking bad on a small screen in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: An “active column” state was stuck for a duplicated Layout field inside the Form Builder preview panel.
  • Fixed: Limit Length functionality was broken in the Paragraph Text field.

  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 3.0.1.
  • Fixed: An error occurred when the DreamHost Panel Login plugin and WPForms Lite were both active and WPForms Pro was activated.
  • Fixed: Form template block in the Form Builder could overflow the container on smaller screen sizes.
  • Fixed: Long links in the HTML email messages did not wrap and caused overflow issues.
  • Fixed: Google reCAPTCHA v2 could not be reset on server-side validation failure.

  • Added: Prevent spam submissions using the new Cloudflare Turnstile anti-spam integration. You can find it on the Settings > CAPTCHA page.
  • Changed: Non-public taxonomies should not be displayed in Dynamic Choices’ available sources.
  • Changed: External usage of removed PHP classes is now handled gracefully without generating fatal errors.
  • Changed: The performance of the Email field validation is improved when using an allowlist or denylist.
  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 2.4.3.
  • Fixed: The Dropdown field text indentation was incorrect in the Form Builder in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Various notification modals’ titles had inconsistent sizes in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: Validation errors in various modals were inconsistent in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: When duplicating an inactive field, the settings of the active field are now removed properly.
  • Fixed: Some cache files were unnecessarily re-downloaded on the front end.
  • Fixed: Users with roles other than Administrator could not add the reCAPTCHA/hCaptcha field and dismiss notices even if they had sufficient permissions.
  • Fixed: Number Slider field validation failed if a maximum value was not a multiple of steps..
  • Fixed: HTML markup in the Default Text of Paragraph Text fields was not being displayed on the front end and in the Form Builder preview.

  • Fixed: Incorrect spacing around the Submit button in the Form Builder was fixed.
  • Fixed: Missing assets were added to the plugin.


  • Added: Icon Choices feature for Checkboxes and Multiple Choice fields – a selection of 2000+ icons can now be used with your choices!
  • Changed: Avoid rendering the WPForms Import admin page if the user lacks unfiltered_html capability.
  • Changed: Respect site settings for displaying avatars on the Revisions screen in the Form Builder.
  • Changed: Color picker fields in the Form Builder are now correctly handling default colors.
  • Changed: In the form Notifications you can now set up the Reply-To Name value in addition to the Reply-To Email using a special format.
  • Changed: Updated jquery-confirm library to 3.3.4.
  • Fixed: Prevent field duplication in the Form Builder performed multiple times when clicking fast inside the confirmation modal.
  • Fixed: Action links were rendered on two lines in the admin dashboard widget.
  • Fixed: PHP notices were generated when form locations logic ran for unregistered post types.
  • Fixed: The Embed modal performance in the Form Builder was improved a lot when there are a ton of pages on a site.
  • Fixed: The confirmation message for non-AJAX form submissions wasn’t wrapped into the main form container.
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with Elementor popups v3.9+.
  • Fixed: Notification email suggestion didn’t work properly in WordPress installed in a subdomain.
  • Fixed: {page_title} smart tag was conflicting with the wpSEO plugin.
  • Fixed: Better compatibility with the Popup Maker plugin.


  • Added: All anti-spam protection settings are grouped in one place in the Form Builder > Settings for easier access.
  • Changed: Recently added Form Templates are now available in the “New Templates” category.
  • Changed: Non-responsive (desktop) version of the Form Builder is not accessible on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: jQuery deprecation notices were triggered in the browser’s console.
  • Fixed: Close button in dropdowns was displayed incorrectly in certain places.
  • Fixed: A PHP warning was raised on certain site configurations when the user tried to submit a form.
  • Fixed: Toggle control animation was working incorrectly in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Text was overlapping the down arrow on dropdowns in the 2021 theme.
  • Fixed: WPForms Challenge user experience was improved.
  • Fixed: Smart tag list was too big in fields with warnings.
  • Fixed: Some input masks caused the text in the Text field to be right-aligned.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the 2023 theme was improved.

  • Added: There is a new filter wpforms_builder_panel_sidebar_section_classes to change builder panel sidebar section classes.
  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 2.4.0.
  • Fixed: Placeholder text in the Dropdown field was cut off in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: The Form Builder had an inconsistent text strings escaping.
  • Fixed: The information about “no form templates to display” did not disappear when a category was changed.

  • Fixed: Very long field labels were not wrapped and were breaking mid-word.


  • Added: All templates are now available on our new Form Templates admin page.
  • Added: Form Templates can now be marked as favorite for easier access to forms inside the Form Builder.
  • Added: The form fields column can now be collapsed in the Form Builder to give more space to the form preview panel.
  • Changed: The DB tables row in the Site Health Info section is now private which means it’s excluded from the copied data when the “Copy site info to clipboard” button is clicked.
  • Fixed: WPForms Challenge was displayed after a forms search with no result.
  • Fixed: WPForms Challenge disappeared after selecting a template for the new form.
  • Fixed: After a form submission a PHP warning was generated in some cases when the Akismet anti-spam protection setting was enabled.
  • Fixed: Using allow/deny list was breaking input mask validation for all fields above the Email field.
  • Fixed: An unusually long text string in the confirmation message caused layout problems due to overflow.
  • Fixed: page_title smart tag was working inconsistently on a form preview page.
  • Fixed: From Email address check in the Form Builder > Notifications was incorrectly handling domain check containing the www prefix.
  • Fixed: Input mask validation message didn’t use what was previously saved on the WPForms > Settings > Validation page.
  • Fixed: On the Form builder, a template selection didn’t work if a page was translated through web extensions.


  • Added: Form Submissions can now be checked against the Akismet API to prevent spam.
  • Changed: Empty post titles and term names in Dynamic Choices are now treated the way WordPress does.
  • Changed: Modern Dropdown field fuzzy search sensitivity is adjusted to display only exact matches.
  • Changed: Allow typing choices in the modern Dropdown field with the Multiple Options Selection option enabled.
  • Changed: WPForms Challenge experience is improved for new users.
  • Changed: Lite Connect is now disabled in non-production environments.
  • Changed: Lite Connect functionality improves handling of staging and cloned sites, and changed domain names.
  • Changed: Unnecessary PHP packages are no longer shipped in WPForms Lite.
  • Changed: Stylesheets loaded in the Form Builder and on certain plugin pages are better optimized and shrank to improve performance.
  • Changed: WPForms now better integrates with the WP Mail SMTP plugin to enable overriding From Name and From Email values in existing forms.
  • Changed: Form Notifications now have better validation of From Email settings.
  • Changed: Start using new elementor/widgets/register hook introduced in Elementor 3.5.0.
  • Changed: Updated DOMPurify library to 2.3.10.
  • Changed: Updated jquery.validate library to 1.19.5.
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with Twenty Twenty-Two theme.
  • Fixed: Added meaningful alt text to form submission spinner image to stop being flagged by certain SEO scanners.
  • Fixed: Constant Contact Authorization Code and Account Nickname fields are now required on the Settings > Integrations page.
  • Fixed: Constant Contact connection can now be added even if the Authorization Code is invalid.
  • Fixed: Validation of required fields on Marketing section in the Form Builder was triggered even if the field is hidden.
  • Fixed: Action Scheduler was triggering a PHP fatal error on the Tools > Scheduled Actions page on PHP 5.6.
  • Fixed: Images breaking out of containers on smaller screens if Multiple Choice and Checkboxes fields were set to use image choices.
  • Fixed: query_var smart tag was not working in Confirmations and Notifications.
  • Fixed: Custom templates had an incorrect badge, “Addon” instead of “Custom”.
  • Fixed: The Confirmation Message label overlapped the editor when WYSIWYG mode was disabled.
  • Fixed: Default form title was not changed when switching form templates.
  • Fixed: Both page_title and page_id smart tags were returning incorrect values on non-singular pages if the form was used outside the Loop.
  • Fixed: WPForms Block preview (on block hover) was rendered incorrectly in Site Editor.
  • Fixed: Custom validation errors were not displayed with hCaptcha enabled upon AJAX form submission.
  • Fixed: Validation errors were not shown when the field with an input mask was not fully filled.
  • Fixed: Smart Tags could be added to Sender Email and Sender Name if the fields were managed by the WP Mail SMTP plugin.
  • Fixed: The Confirmation message block had incorrect margins in the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.
  • Fixed: Occasional errors during migration were fixed when upgrading from some older versions of WPForms.
  • Fixed: The Confirmation Redirect URL can no longer be saved with an empty value.
  • Fixed: Default choices were displayed on the frontend if a Dynamic Choices source had no objects (Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Checkboxes fields were affected).

See changelog for all versions.